Visit Amman


If this is your first time to visit Jordan, here is a brief information that can help you be ready for your trip.

Booking Your Flight

Large airliner along clouds

There are many companies that fly to Amman – Jordan from around the world. You can always check our local airline, Royal Jordanian online to book your flight. Or you could give our travel agent, Othman the panda, a call and ask him for the prices of different flights that fly into Amman. Othman’s number is +962 (0)7 9560 5503 and his email is

Arrival at Queen Alia Airport


Lucky you! You will be arriving at the newly opened Queen Alia International Airport. Watch this video and see where you will be landing
All nationalities are welcome to enter The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The cost of a single entry visa is JD20 (around $30), which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport. Multiple entry visa can be obtained at the nearest embassy/consulate in your country and will cost JD60 (around $85). Please click here to learn more and to check if you would require a visa prior to your arrival.

Be Mobile


Commuting around Amman is easy, there is always a yellow Taxi to take you from one place to the other, and the fare starts at JD0.25 (around $0.2). Another option would be to call the silver Taxi Mumayaz +962 (0)6 579 9999. If you are coming from the airport, Airport Taxis are available at the exit and their fare is JD 15

 Where to Stay?


If you are used to staying in an international 5 star hotel, Amman should be perfect to accommodate you. There is a Hyatt, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Le Royale, Meridian, Marriott, Regency, The Holiday Inn, and a variety of 4 star and boutique hotels to stay in such as the Imperial Palace, Al Qasr Metropole, Crowne Plaza, Amman West, Days Inn, Canyon Boutique Hotel.

For special rates please click here

How to Pay?


Jordanian Dinars

The currency used in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar, which is equivalent to $0.71. There are 5 kinds of notes (JD50, 20, 10, 5, and 1) and there are 5 types of coins (JD0.5, 0.25, 0.1, 0.05 and 0.01). To exchange money, it will be better to do it in Amman as exchange rates would be cheaper than exchanging abroad or at the airport. One chain of exchange office that has different branches in different areas is Al Samhouri Exchange.

What’s There to Eat?



Where should we start! If you are a meat lover, Mansaf is a must try. A yoghurt mixture called jameed, poured over rice and lamb meat, accessorized with fried pine seeds and almonds. A traditional Bedouin delicacy, usually eaten by hand. But don’t worry a spoon will be offered to those who don’t wish to get their hands dirty! And let’s not forget the traditional barbequed kebab (lamb meat with parsley and onions), shish tawooq (chicken), and shuqaf (lamb meat).

Vegetarians also have options of falafel, humous (chickpeas), foul (beans) and much more!

Falafel and Hummus

Falafel and Humous

Good places to try out are: Al Quds, Jabri, Abu Ahmad, Zorba, Falafel Al Quds, Shawrema Reem, Shawerma Al Dai’a, Fakhr El Din, Tanoureen, Burj El Hamam, Levant, Al Huwara, Al Zuwadeh, Reem al Bawadi, Ward, Haret Jdoudna.

 What’s There to See?


Map of Jordan

Adding to all the art activities happening in Art Week Amman (check the full schedule here), historical sites are definitely listed under the must-sees. Roman Theater, The Citadel, Jerash, Petra, the Dead Sea, Desert Castles, Umm Qais, and much more, click here for more information.

Perhaps you are the adventurous type, then you would have to try rock climbing and hiking. Click here for more information.

Few Arabic Words


Arabic Alphabets

Must learn some Arabic if you are coming to Jordan!

Hello – Marhaba
Bye – Ma’ al salamah
How are you? – Kaif el hal?
I am fine – Ana mneeh (male) / ana mneeha (female)
How much? – Qadaish?
Coffee – Qahwa
Tea – Shai
Sugar – Sukkar
Water – Miyah
Fork – Shawkeh
Spoon – Mi’laqa
Knife – Sakeena
Thank you! – Shukran!
You are welcome – Afwan
One – Wahad
Two – Ithnain
Three – Thalathah
Four – Arba’ah
Five – Khamsah
Six – Sittah
Seven – Sab’ah
Eight  – Thamaniah
Nine – Tiss’ah
Ten – Asharah
Twenty – Eshreen
Thirty – Thalatheen
Forty – Arba’een
Fifty – Khamseen
One Hunderd – Mi’ah
Art – Fann
Painting – Lawha
Brush – Furshay