TRI/Angulate by Atelier Uraiqat

Artwork by Atelier Uraiqat

Jacaranda at AWA 2013:
TRI/Angulate by Atelier Uraiqat

TRI/Angulate is a parametric patterning system that was developed by Atelier Uraiqat based on a mathematical study of lines and angles. In this exhibition, they have created three-dimensional wall-mounted pieces from multi-layered paper stencils in a manner that integrates form, depth, and light.

Atelier Uraiqat is a design lab based in Amman and founded in 2009 by Basel and Basma Uraiqat. It aims at exploring possibilities in design and conceptual experimentation. Atelier Uraiqat’s work is based on an approach that combines artistic formation, theoretical research and technical innovation through the use of modern design technology and digital simulations.

Atelier Uraiqat has exhibited their designs in local exhibitions including the 2010 Sunny Art Fair and the 2012 Trendsetting III exhibition in Amman, as well as local and international media and publications.

Time Machine: Revisiting Orientalists by Hani Hourani

Artwork by Hani Hourani

Foresight Gallery at AWA 2013:
Time Machine: Revisiting Orientalists by Hani Hourani

This exhibition re-visits photographs that were taken by the Western orientalists while visiting the Levant in the 19th century and early 20th century, reflected in modern eyes, in an attempt to link them with today’s events and movements in the region in the last two years.
He created a hybrid mix of art:different and opposite times, various topics and multiple techniques and materials.

The exhibition raises questions rather than providing answers about the past, present and future. It is a journey he takes in a “time machine”: Photography.

Hani Hourani is a Jordanian painter and photographer, known since the 1960’s for his distinctive plastic art experience. Born in Zarqa’a in 1945, Hourani began practicing art at a very early age. His artistic career was disrupted in 1967, when he decided to pursue a more political and cultural line. In 1993, Hourani emphasized his specialty by resuming his works and holding an exhibition for his water paintings, where he focused on capturing natural landscape views of Al-Waleh Valley, south of Amman.

Hourani’s outstanding contribution is mostly recognizable in photography. Since 1996, he has held thirteen solo exhibitions in a number of capitals around the world, such as Amman, Aleppo, Cairo, Doha, Gothenburg; Sweden, Washington DC; USA and the 11th International Cairo Biennale in Cairo.

Hani persisted on showcasing his photographic works since 1996 where he held around 16 solo exhibitions since then in Gutenberg Museum (Sweden), USA, Aleppo, Cairo (Egypt) and Doha (Qatar) in addition to Amman, Petra and AlSalt city. His works were also exhibited in Al Manamah Museum (Bahrain), Al Sharjah Museum (UAE) and collected by the National Fine Art Museum in Amman- Jordan. His work can be found in Le Royal Hotel Amman, Crown Plaza – Dead Sea and Movenpick Aqaba.