Art Week Amman 2013

5 – 15 September

Art Week Amman is a unique initiative that seeks to bring together the many art outlets of Jordan in a single, multi-faceted event. Taking place between the 5th to 15th of September 2013, AWA will deliver a unique program of activities geared toward showcasing the many faces of the region’s vibrant art scenes, in addition to creating a well-rounded platform for probing the challenges and opportunities facing the region’s art market. AWA is organized by the Jordanian arts and entertainment production company, ArtMedium, and will feature the participation of countless arts organizations and institutions, galleries, contemporary artists, academics, collectors and high profile personalities. The event will serve as a distinctive conduit between the region’s ever-growing art scene and the public, with the vision of bringing art back to the people.

ArtMedium has held a series of successful art events over the past two years including Souq Fann, and Amman Street Art Fair which thousands of local audiences attended. AWA is expected to be a huge step for Amman’s culture and arts scene and aims to attract international attention. With the support of our strategic partners, this mission can be achieved to create effective value.