Children of Gaza


Artwork by Dia Azzawi

Orient Gallery at AWA 2013:
Children of Gaza by Dia Azzawi, Anthony Dawton and Jim McFarlane

“Children of Gaza” is an exhibition on the power of imagery and the persistence of hope.

After the Israeli incursion of Gaza in December 2008 Anthony Dawton, Jim McFarlane & Giuseppe Aquili entered Gaza with the support of Save the Children to photograph what they saw. Inspired by the images, Dia Azzawi has produced six original prints to accompany the exhibition.All proceeds will be donated to Save the Children in Gaza. Children of Gaza is facilitated by Q0DE_ Exhibitions.

Dia Azzawi

Dia Azzawi  is a globally recognised artist, whose art work belongs to collections around the world including the Vienna Public Collection, The World Bank, the Library of Congress, Institut du Monde Arabe, the British Museum and many others.

Anthony Dawton

Anthony Dawton is winner of the Fuji Industrial World photographer of the year. His work in Niger was selected for the Sony World Photographic Awards at Cannes in 2009.

Jim McFarlane

Jim McFarlane is an Australian based photographer who has worked commercially for over 25 years. He is the recipient of the Melbourne Art Director’s Club award and the Oriental Fine Print award. Currently Jim is teaching art photography at Australia’s leading art college Deakin University, Melbourne.