Topographies: The Brush and the Chisel


Artwork by Dina Haddadin


Artwork by IIkbal Shukri Tannir

Nabad Art Gallery at AWA 2013:
Topographies: The Brush and the Chisel

Two Jordanian women show recent sculptures and paintings at Nabad Art Gallery in a joint exhibition entitled, “Topographies: The Brush and the Chisel.” On 9 September – 23 October 2013
The title of the exhibition reflects an essential artistic concept common to both artists. The human and urban topographies in the works of sculptor Ikbal Shukri-Tannir and multidisciplinary artist Dina Haddadin resonate across styles and media. As a practicing architect, Dina Haddadin continues to explore the concept of the margin in the urban landscape, which she names “spaces of uncertainty,” pushing the concept further into the realm of the imagination. Seasoned sculptor Ikbal Shukri-Tannir establishes a connection with the raw stone, which she feels ‘speaks’ to her, creating human forms, faces and geometric shapes by utilizing the colour and texture of each piece of alabaster or granite for optimal aesthetic results.

Ikbal Shukri Tannir

Born in Amman, sculptor Ikbal Shukri-Tannir graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts and Advertising Design from Beirut University College in 1975, after which she pursued studies in Chinese brush painting in Taiwan, silk painting and clay sculpture in Milan, and stone sculpture in New York. After spending a few years in New York, where she participated in seven sculpture exhibitions, she moved to Dubai in 1996. Ikbal has held two solo exhibitions in Amman and Dubai, and has participated in numerous  group shows in Dubai, notably at Mondo Art Gallery between 2004 and 2010. In addition to her sculptures, which focus mainly on female forms, faces and geometric sculptures in stone, Ikbal Shukri-Tannir also paints in various media. She currently lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

Dina Haddadin

Born in 1983, Dina Haddadin obtained a B.A. in Architecture from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2006. Since her graduation, she has been practicing architecture at Symbiosis Design in Amman. In 2008, she attended courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York and has since held three solo exhibitions, “Monuments: A Refuge in Margins,” (2012) at Nabad Art Gallery, “Beyond Emptiness” (2011) and “Transit” (2010). Haddadin has participated in numerous group shows as well as a number of international workshops. Haddadin is a self-taught multidisciplinary visual artist who uses both traditional and experimental techniques, including installation and video, to create multi-layered works that address the concept of the ‘margins’  in the urban landscape. She lives and works in Amman, Jordan.